About Us

We started Magnolia Bread Company in 2013. It was to be a family business, with our children and their families involved in the business.  We baked three varieties of bread:   Original White, Whole Wheat, and Gluten Free.  All three breads were successful, but it was the Gluten Free Bread that changed the direction of our business.


We received many inquiries about our gluten free bread, many requests for this bread, as well as requests for other gluten free items.  We began to research gluten free grains with a goal of creating foods that would build good health and be appealing in texture and taste.  This last goal has become very important to us, since I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and my family often eats gluten free foods along with me.  It was a challenge finding gluten free food that tasted appetizing, and had a desirable texture.


As a result, I began to create my own blends of gluten free flours, which led to creating my own mixes. I started with a pancake mix because when our four children were growing up, Saturday mornings meant Dad was home, and Mom would cook stacks of hot, fluffy, pancakes with lots of butter and maple syrup.  Suddenly those pancakes that were supposed to be light and fluffy were more difficult to achieve with gluten free flours.  After much testing; I can confidently offer our pancake mix for light, moist, delicious gluten free pancakes.  You and your family can also make wonderful memories of your pancake breakfasts.


Since that time, we have developed a moist, flavorful banana bread mix and a chocolate chip cookie mix.  This mix makes gluten free cookies that will rival any chocolate chip cookie!


Another addition is a cornbread mix.   When you live in the Deep South, as we do, cornbread is a staple food.  Everyone has their favorite recipe, but the majority of these favorite recipes contain all purpose (wheat) flour which gives the cornbread a lighter texture.  In addition to this problem, the majority of cornmeal sold in the United States has been ground in a mill that also grinds wheat and other gluten containing grains.  For these reasons, most commercial cornmeal mixes are off limits to people living a gluten free lifestyle.  The cornmeal we chose to us in our mix is locally grown here in Alabama, is USDA Organic, and is ground using a centuries old process, stone burr milling. We are so pleased to offer a mix that will provide a delicious, classic southern cornbread that is totally free of any cross contamination.


We plan on expanding our line of gluten free mixes; making them safe for anyone needing gluten free foods, making them affordable, delicious, and finally making them simple, quick and easy to make!


Sometimes the hard things in life (like finding out you have Celiac Disease) make you change the way you do things, but God is always willing to give direction and counsel if you will ask Him, and then wait for His answer! With more good things to come.