Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does the cookie recipe say to let the dough rest for 30 minutes?  Do I have to do that?

Gluten free grains contain more starch than wheat; the resting time gives the starches time to absorb the liquid, and therefore, soften. This eliminates the “grainy texture” that is often found in gluten free foods.  This resting time also creates the delicious toffee flavor in the cookies.


I see almond powder as an ingredient in the Banana Bread. Are your mixes nut free?

All our baking mixes are nut free. The almond powder used in the Banana Bread is actually made from fruit pits (like apricot).


Do I have to line my cookie sheet with parchment paper as the cookie recipe says? Can’t I just spray the cookie sheet with cooking spray?

We recommend using parchment paper for the best results. The cookies will hold their shape while baking, and not spread out too much when baked on parchment paper.


Why are the chocolate chips in a separate bag?

We package the chocolate chips separately so that you can stir them into the cookie mix after the 3 minutes of mixing. This will protect the chips from breaking during mixing.


Do I need to alter any of the mixes for high altitude baking?

Most of our mixes need no alteration at altitude. However, the chocolate chip cookies turn out much fluffier if you add 1 additional tablespoon of all-purpose gluten free flour and 1 additional tablespoon of liquid.


More Questions?

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